Culture eats grants for breakfast

by Julie Boll  - August 21, 2019

Grants are an amazing tool, and when used appropriately can enhance an organization and serve as a catalyst for new programs and ideas.  But what I’ve found is grants can’t fix an organization. A toxic culture will kill grants of all sizes and quality. No amount of funding can bypass back-channel behavior in an organization or mistrust in teams.  Organizational transformation has to happen in the roots of an organization. It has to show up in the way people treat each other each and every day.  

Last March, I spent three days last week getting the work of Dr. Brené Brown “into my bones” as she says, and I’m just getting started.  As a grant writer, I’m used to being behind the scenes and behind a screen. Courage for me is getting out from behind the screen and the scenes and out front doing work I love with organizations that are making the world a better place. 

How do we tackle culture in organizations? How do we address back-channeling or mistrust in teams? Dare to Lead ™ is a great place to start!

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