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Julie Boll Consulting is dedicated to serving the people and organizations who make our world a better place.

The heart of our work is visioning, goal setting, and strategy mapping which is integrated in our coaching, strategic planning, and leadership development. All of our work is grounded in the empirically based Dare to Lead™ teachings, because the most critical ingredient to your success personally and professionally will be your capacity for courage.

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Our Promise to you:


We will recognize, celebrate and build on your strengths.


We will hold you accountable.


We will create an environment of fair play and protect your teams.


We aren’t afraid of the messy middle of problem identification.


We guarantee your resulting strategies will be bold and actionable.

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Meet Julie

Julie Boll, M.Ed., GPC, is the founder of Julie Boll Consulting, which provides strategic planning, leadership training, and coaching for nonprofit leaders.


Learn more about Julie Boll Consulting’s work with Planning, Coaching and Leadership development.  Our services help nonprofits make the most of their time, energy and resources.

Dare to Lead

As a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, Julie was trained in person by thought-leader Dr. Brené Brown and is one of less than 400 facilitators worldwide.


Ready to work together or just get in touch for a consultation or questions?  Great!  Please contact us here and let’s start the conversation.

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