Julie Boll Consulting is Growing!

by Julie Boll  - September 22, 2021

July was a huge month for Julie Boll Consulting! It’s tempting to skip over milestones when they happen because we don’t want to appear boastful or we don’t want to somehow jinx the win.  But, as we’ve learned in the Dare to Lead program: Daring Leaders consistently practice gratitude and celebrate milestones and victories. So, here it goes:

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Celebration #1: Alyssa Vitale-Shoop officially joined the Julie Boll Consulting team as the research and event coordinator. Alyssa has been a subcontractor with me for several years now but in her new capacity she is taking a greater role in the execution of Dare to Lead™ workshops and research projects. Alyssa has a M.S.Ed. in College Student Personnel from Quincy University and is living with her new husband in Meridian, MS. 

Fun Fact: Alyssa is writing a novel! You can connect with Alyssa on LinkedIN or email her at [email protected]

Celebration #2: I moved into an off-site office! After nearly 4 years of self-employment and working from home I am delighted to be in a beautiful office space in the historic Olive Branch, Inc. I’ve got room to stretch, a beautiful view, and a quiet (dog-free) location for virtual workshops. I had also an extra good looking crew help me move in! 

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Fun Fact: The Olive Branch, Inc. used to be home of the Hutmacher Law Firm

Celebration #3 I get to walk alongside 70 amazing leaders this fall as they lean into the Dare to Lead work and change their lives, and the lives of the people they serve. It is life-giving work and I’m thankful every day that I get to watch and support the growth of #DaringLeaders.

Dr. Brené Brown talks about the need to truly stop and CELEBRATE individually and as a team. In fact, in her research, she uncovered a Daring Leadership behavior specific to this need: Practicing gratitude and celebrating milestones and victories. Daring Leaders are more likely to build celebration into their work and culture. This Daring Leadership trait is in stark contrast to the paired Armored Leadership trap of “working from scarcity and squandering opportunities for joy and recognition.”

In my life, I’ve found practicing gratitude and celebrating milestones and victories does not come naturally. I fall into the “productivity as a sign of self-worth” trap all too often and forge on to the next thing that must be done without properly celebrating wins. I’m incredibly grateful to now have a dedicated team member to grow the business with and a separate place of work designed to support my work.

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