That happens to you too?

by Julie Boll  - November 25, 2019

That happens to you too? 

It wasn’t until I sat in a room with powerful change agents in the presence of Brené Brown that I realized how powerful normalizing is. I sat in awe of the room which included a hospital executive who oversees 4,000 people, an airforce commander, a best selling author, and a social impact leader at Google. These people were big-time, powerful, and real. As we started doing Brené’s work, over and over, I heard my same fears normalized from these powerhouses. We all hate vulnerability. There is so much healing in normalizing experiences and we can’t get to it without vulnerability. In soloprenuership, there is an ebb and flow to building and sustaining work, and a colleague (also in this arena) told me the other day, “I spent 16 hours on a proposal” – THANK YOU! Knowing other people struggle with the daily grind of solopreneurship is affirming. Which is why, when we come together to build our courage muscle in the Dare to Lead workshop, we spend a lot of time sharing our stories. Processing and sharing our stories gives us power, and hearing others share their stories can inspire new understanding and perspective. 

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