Want to change your community?

by Julie Boll  - March 4, 2020

Want to change your community? A wonderful and empowering message from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation highlights the top five things your community can do to thrive in the next decade: 

  1. Set a shared vision
  2. Use big data locally
  3. Practice resiliency
  4. Foster radical collaboration
  5. Lift up marginalized communities

Amen. Shared vision creates power. Data drives strategy and resiliency is absolutely necessary for all change.

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I’m passionate about helping nonprofits thrive. These steps are critical and important for helping our communities become healthier and stronger.  If you are ready to create a shared vision for your nonprofit organization, gather data and think outside the box with strategy- contact me. I can support you and your team in the development of a community driven, data-informed strategic plan for your organization.  To learn more, contact me: [email protected].

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